Cyber Security has become a key priority relevant to all businesses. Its topic is the security of data and information systems, which are relevant to all parts of organizations, not only technical departments. It involves trade-offs between security, costs, and productivity, that must be addressed together. Cyber Security should be an enterprise-wide strategic priority, on the agenda of CEOs, Boards, and Executives across functions. Every organization needs a strong cyber security strategy, and we can help.

We explain our philosophy in a white paper "Principles of Cyber Security", co-written with former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Transformation and Chief of Staff of the French Air Force, General (Ret) Jean-Paul Paloméros.

Products & Services

We serve leaders across functions and industries, using a customized approach for each client.
Provide high-level understanding of technical tools, strategy, and behaviors for effective cyber security

Training workshop - 0.5-1 day
No technical background required

  • Master strategic framework for cyber security
  • Understand key technical and organizational principles underlying cyber security
  • Explore range of options and tradeoffs
  • Includes course reader, lectures, and practical exercise using BIG Cyber Security Game
Build an inventory of current practices and identify potential weaknesses

Consulting project - 2+ weeks

  • Conduct audit meetings with leaders and operational teams across functions
  • Make inventory of data currently stored in the organization and current cyber security strategies
  • Identify potential data and security weaknesses and vulnerabilities based on inventory
Create custom software tool to monitor cyber security KPIs and generate reports

Software project - 3+ weeks

  • Customize BIG technological platform to visualize and test current cyber security strategies
  • Model cyber risks to highlight current weaknesses and improvement opportunities
  • Deliverable: Dashboard and simulation platform
Test strategies and scenarios in a large-scale, multi-player simulation exercise

Game workshop - 1-2 days (2+ weeks preparation)

  • Customize BIG Cyber Security Game for specific industry, organization, and objectives
  • Foster big-picture thinking and coordination across hierarchy levels and functions
  • Assess potential risks and mitigations for scenarios


The BIG Cyber Security Game is our Decision Game for cyber security strategy. The objective is to design cyber security strategies which are then tested against virtual cyberattacks simulated by Artificial Intelligence (AI) agents. It provides a virtual environment where leaders and decision-makers can:
  • Develop their understanding of cyber security concepts and trade-offs, including high-level technical knowledge
  • Formulate and test cyber security strategies
  • Uncover weaknesses and weakest links in the cyber security chain
  • Raise awareness and educate about cyber security
The game parameters are customized to fit specific applications and each client's profile and objectives.


Our team offers a rare combination of skills and experience that covers both technical and strategic aspects of technology and cyber security.

  • 10+ years of software security research with MIT and US Department of Defense
  • 6+ years at top-tier strategy consultancy, advising senior executives of global organizations in the US and Europe
  • Invited speakers on cyber security at high-profile organizations (IBM, Microsoft, NATO)
  • 5+ years teaching students at top US universities
  • Stanford diplomas (PhD in Computer Science, Master in Cognitive Science, Bachelor in Economics)

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