Making the right decisions is key to success in today’s complex, connected, globalized, and rapidly-changing world. Strategy is the art of decision making. It is the cross-functional glue that unifies all divisions and gives direction to an organization.

We believe that human-driven technology is key to enhance business strategies and decision making capabilities in the Digital Era. At the same time, it cannot replace the fundamentally human ability to think and act.

We are architects of a new field designed to guide decision makers through the Digital Transformation, and we call it Computational Strategy. We develop new ideas, new technology and tools, new training methods to help organizations and individuals adopt the mindsets and behaviors required for success in a digital world.


We use a multi-disciplinary approach to develop new ideas and conduct R&D that form the foundation of Computational Strategy. We view business as a game and believe that Decision Games are the next-generation strategy and management tools needed for better performance in a digital world. Our core focus is helping organizations improve their strategy and decision making capabilities in cyber security. Read our white papers to learn more.

Computational Strategy

Using games for better decision making

Principles of Cyber Security

Identify the core principles underlying any successful Cyber Security strategy


We create cutting-edge technology and provide consulting to enhance human decision making capabilities and business performance.

Cyber Security Strategy

We bring together technical and business expertise to help leaders develop successful cyber security strategies. Together with our technological platform for cyber security simulations, we are uniquely positioned to add value to any organization.

Decision Games

We combine the computational power of Artificial Intelligence with the reasoning power of Human Intelligence to create complex and data-rich environments where users can simulate decisions and strategies.


BIG brings together a dynamic team combining cutting-edge computer science, international business strategy, executive advising, and decision making sciences - with uncompromising standards.


BIG exists to push the limits of the possible to pioneer new ideas and technology, and do what is right for our clients and the world at large.