Strategy. Technology. Digital Intelligence.

We are experts in Strategy, Technology, and Digital Intelligence. We offer products and services of the highest quality, at very competitive prices. We serve leaders across functions and industries, and customize our approach for each client. Our team is based in Paris (France) and Austin (USA), and travels globally.


We are architects of a new field designed to guide decision makers through the Digital Transformation, and we call it Computational Strategy. We combine Computer Science, Strategy, and Cognitive Science to create new ideas, technology and tools, and trainings to help individuals and organizations adopt the mindsets and behaviors required for success in a digital world. We believe that Decisions Games are the next-generation Management tools needed for better human decision making.


Cyber Security has become a key priority relevant to all businesses. Its topic is the security of data and information systems, which are relevant to all parts of organizations, not only technical departments. It involves trade-offs between security, costs, and productivity, that must be addressed together. Cyber Security should be an enterprise-wide strategic priority, on the agenda of CEOs, Boards, and Executives across functions. Every organization needs a strong cyber security strategy, and we can help.

Cyber Security Strategy
Executive Seminar
Learn and practice strategic frameworks and key principles of cyber security

Training workshop
0.5-1 day
Data & Security
Build an inventory of current practices and identify potential weaknesses

Consulting project
2+ weeks
Risk Management
Create custom tool to monitor cyber security KPIs and generate reports

Software project
3+ weeks
Test strategies and scenarios in a large-scale simulation exercise

Game workshop
1-2 day (2+ weeks preparation)

BIG Cyber Security Game


We have developed our own technological platform for our games and software.


BIG brings together a dynamic team combining cutting-edge computer science, international business strategy, and decision making sciences - with uncompromising standards.

We offer a rare combination of technical and business skills. Together with our technological platform, we are uniquely positioned to help leaders of any organization in areas of technology and cyber security.

  • 10+ years of software security research with MIT and US Department of Defense
  • 6+ years at top-tier strategy consultancy, advising senior executives of global organizations in the USA and Europe
  • Invited speakers on cyber security at high-profile organizations (IBM, Microsoft, NATO)
  • 5+ years teaching students at top US universities
  • Stanford diplomas (PhD in Computer Science, Master in Cognitive Science, Bachelor in Economics)